Remember Me As I Was: Derrick Rose

It is pretty incredible to look at the career of Derrick rose…. Where he started, where we thought he was going to be and where he is now.

He was phenomenal at the University of Memphis, Drafted number 1 overall and at the age of 22 became theyoungest player in NBA historyto win the MVP award. He also became the second Chicago Bull to win the award, putting him with the likes of Michael Jordan. Since Jordan’s departure from the franchise the bulls weren’t winning the way they were accustomed to in the ‘90s and Derrick Rose was thought to be the answer.


2011/2012 Season:

But things in Chicago took a turn for the worst. During the 2011/2012 season, a season in which the Bulls had to fight through Lebron and the Heat again, Rose tore his right ACL. With just over a minute left to go, in a game they were winning; Derrick Rose went down.  This injury would knock him and the Bulls out of the playoffs and cause him to miss the entire next season (2012/2013).


2012/2013 Season: Out due to ACL

2013/2014 Season:

The anticipation for his return was unlike many imaginable. Bulls fans were very excited to see him on the floor again and expectations were fairly high. He was young, talented and…. Rested? With his return, came some up and down results. Things weren’t exactly going as planned. All year long both Rose and the Bulls seemed out of rhythm and unable to catch a groove. This all came to a head when he went down with another knee injury. This time the right meniscus and, again, another missed season.

2014/2015 Season:

At this point it would be tough to say whether Chicago fans were excited, or nervous for Derrick Roses return. He was still very young and still seemed to have some spring. The idea that he could be an MVP again wasn’t exactly anyone’s hopes but it could have been sitting in the back of people’s heads. The way back… maybe, but it was there. Rose was considered to be playing well, consistent minutes, shooting moderately well and overall contributing to the team. Then, on February 24ththe unthinkable happened; he tore his right meniscus again. This time it seemed to be over. He had to have another surgery and it appeared as if Chicago was sick of him.


Derrick Rose has been one of the most “what if” careers in basketball. Some say he would have been a perineal All Star, some say the greatest point guard of all time. These are all questions that cannot be answered but after his most recent (rumored) ankle injury we really need to remember who he can be. Who he can be is the youngest MVP in league history, mentioned in the same breath as Michael and remembered for coming back from 4 knee injuries. To solidify this image of himself, on October 31st2018 Derrick Rose scored a career high 51 points. This was huge for Rose; who received MVP chants from the fans and couldn’t help but shed a meaningful tear after the game.