All Star Catwalk

As the NBA season hits its mid-way point and the playoff picture becomes more clear, players are getting ready to unwind and enjoy this year’s All Star break. There is guaranteed to be some eye popping style choices and there have been many memorable moments/wardrobes throughout the years…. Let’s take a look back on some of the highlights.

Odell Beckham Jr:


Odell is commonly known for his incredible one handed catches, blonde hair and his fashion. He is regularly seen out and about in the most up to date outfit you can find. He has a history of favoring companies such as Supreme, Louis Vuitton and Nike. His fit for last years All Star game hit all of those check boxes. At the time of the All Star game last year; Supreme and Louis Vuitton had just recently done a collaboration on a variety of luggage items. In mega star fashion Odell had the satchel piece matched up perfectly with a pair of Nike AF1’s.

Nick Cannon:


The All Star break is far more than an opportunity for players to relax and engage in the festivities. It’s an opportunity for all of Hollywood to show off what they can bring to the court during the celebrity game… Some of which it is much more than athleticism. Nick Cannon showed up to the event last year HOLDING a pair of gold, snakeskin Jordan’s that im assuming he hopes will make him “like mike.” Cannon has participated in the event a few times and hopes that this year’s new 4-point shot will help raise money for a good cause.

JB Smoove and Shaq:

Although JB Smoove isn’t an athlete himself but is known by many people for his stand-up comedy, acting and writing. He has appeared in many films and TV shows over the years and is a regular in the sports and fashion world.

NBA All Star Weekend

Let’s all remember the All Star game takes place in Los Angeles. The land of bathing suits, flip flogs, tank tops and… sunscreen. A night out in LA looks more along the lines of a lifestyle fashion show. But, do we see something odd about this picture? Anything a bit out of place maybe? JB looks like a cowboy! His choice of fit to watch the events was a unique one and one that caused others to become a bit hands on. JB is rocking a far look in comparison to those around him… especially Shaquille O’Neal… who happens to be shining those beautiful cowboy boots and getting quite a kick out of it.


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