Famous Fashion: Nature vs. Nurture

Most people, myself included, predominantly pay attention to our own demographic. We seek out the latest news on fashion we like, see constant posts about what celebrities/athletes we like are wearing, what the latest trends are… etc. Of course we all do this; we are naturally drawn to what is applicable to ourselves.


But there is a crazy trend happening… children’s fashion. There is nothing that can make a person feel as selfless as having a child… or cute puppy. And it’s no secret that some parents have been dressing up their children in trendy outfits for some time now.

But, over the past few years it feels that this is more highlighted throughout social media. Famous peoples children are everywhere. Creepy. But this could simply be because of the overall ramped up intake of content or a combination of multiple things.

This past weekend highlighted this trend and, I think, helped figure out why this has become so popular. As we know the NBA held All Star weekend; which meant its Rookie USA All-Star Fashion Show took place. This event is a chance for various celebrities, and their children to hit the runway. Some of the names (and their children) in this year’s event were Diddy, Carl Banks, Fabulous and, of course, Russel Westbrook Feat. son Noah!

Westbrook’s and Noah, let their shoes do most of the talking. They both matched their pants and shirt/top, and sported very brightly colored sneakers. But just like his dad, this is nothing new for Noah. He consistently puts most of us to shame with his style.

It seems that recently, probably since his walking ability has got substantially better, Noah has been all over social media. He is usually playing on the court with his father before the games, dressed great, or with him before or after a game.

But Noah isn’t the only athletes kid to have major style, there really are a lot. But this is to no surprise. It seems that every time a player or celeb is going to an event, to dinner, coffee… a game, they are dressed to look good. This ultimately rubs off on how they dress their children and ultimately how they dress themselves. So, in conclusion it seems fairly simple to me. Trendy parent=trendy child.


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