Serena Aces The Oscars

Sticking with our Oscars and athletes and film theme… Serena Williams is probably our biggest story from the night. If you are unaware Serena was, somewhat, recently involved in a bit of situation, check the link for full details. But long story short; during one of her matches she protested an officials ruling that she was being coached and a cartoonist depicted it that she threw a tantrum and was being dramatic.

Serena is now trying to dismiss this common description of female athletes. She was very out spoken that she feels her situationwould not have been the same if she were a man.  During this year’s Academy Awards Serena teamed up with Nike to debut the “Dream Crazier” advertisement. It is a follow up ad to a advertisement titled “Dream Crazy.” This first ad featured Colin Kaepernick:


“Dream Crazier” hopes to combat the common misconception that if a female athlete complains she is being dramatic and to empower female athletes. Female athletes face a number of different perceptions and obstacles, such as unequal pay, that male athletes do not. Nike hopes to shine a light on these issues and drive women of all ages to strive fro greatness. In order to show a sign of unity amongst these women the ad will feature athletes form the women’s soccer team, an olympic gymnast and an olympic fencer. Very different sports, one goal.

“So if they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do.”