Who wears short shorts? College basketball players!

With college basketball’s March Madness starting today it is only right to dive into the new/old style that is taking over the game. Short shorts are becoming far more popular in college basketball again.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

Over the last few decades we have seen a few major swings in short length on the basketball court. Of course the game started with players wearing near boxer length shorts, as displayed above by WVUs own Jerry West.

But short length began to drop further down the leg very rapidly. Some accredit the very beginning of this trend to the great Michael Jordan and the young, Fab Five Michigan basketball team. There are a few different stories as to how Michael originally started the trend. One story is that Michael had a habit of grabbing at his shorts when he was playing defense or when he was bent over from exhaustion… because of this habit Michael went to Champion (they made the shorts) and asked that they drop the seam down lower so he could easily grab the bottom of his shorts.


Another rumor is that Michael wanted to wear his UNC shorts under his Chicago Bulls shorts. The problem was that the shorts were too short. What did he do? You guessed it… asked for bigger ones.  Put simply, Michael Jordan did it first and everyone wanted to be like Mike and wear baggy shorts.

This trend of baggy shorts is still the norm in the NBA, although the overall style length has shorted since the Iverson days and “The Dress Code” of 2005. Still today, if you watch any NBA game, on any night, most all of the shorts are roughly at the knee, give or take an inch up or down.

This is not the case in college basketball. Players such as Zion Williamson and Jordan Poole are starting to push back. Zion is undoubtable going to be the number pickI the draft this year and Poole a great career ahead of him as well. With social media trends catching fire so rapidly, I would bet that the short shorts are going to make a huge comeback in the NBA very soon.



Nets Stealing Biggie’s ‘Coogie’ Look?

Although the Brooklyn Nets sit in 7th place in the east and are making the playoffs finally; they could have a bit of trouble coming their way. Well, the Nets, NBA and Nike.

Clothing Brand “Coogi” is suing the Brooklyn Nets organization, Nike and the NBA for copywriter infringment over a new jersey the team debuted this year. The jersey is predominately black with, what they call, “Brooklyn Camo” on the collar and sleeve end. The problem with this is the design is pretty blatantly stolen from the clothing company, who is known for very interesting and eye confusing patterns.








While alive, Notorious BIG not only wore Coogi sweaters but rapped about the brand on many different occasions/records. The team does admit they purposely based the jersey design on Biggie… not a stretch considering he is/was and will be the king of Brooklyn.

Now, even if the design isn’t exact, there is some damning evidence against the 3. The lawsuit states that the defendants (NBA, Nets, Nike) purchased advertising on google for “Coogi Brooklyn nets” and “Brooklyn Coogi.” The clothing brand claims this is to direct people to Nike. The lawsuit was filed last Thursday, in a federal court in Manhattan.

But seeing tweets like this one over the past week… I’m left wondering if Nike didn’t actually do Coogi a favor. They’ll probably come to some settlement where Nike pays Coogi a lot of money (not to them) and Coogi just got an insane amount of publicity for the first time in who knows how long.

Coogi is a New York based company, Nike has a headquarters in New York , the NBA is based in New York, the Nets are in New York and of course Notorious BIG is as well. Although I doubt it…this could be quite the east coast show down.

Below is a map of some of Biggies favorites spots in Brooklyn along with the headquarters of those involved in the lawsuit.

UPDATE: Break Bank Bryce….?

Looks like our speculations were correct. Yesterday, Bryce Harper agreed to a 13-year, $330-Million-dollar contract with the Philadelphia Phillies…. 13 years is a big commitment to one organization, especially when your 26. BUT $330 million dollars is a whole lotta money.

Bryce on his way to Philly.

This deal is the largest contract in major North American sports history. The signing comes after a long, long free agency filled with many cities visits and reporters going crazy. We knew it would be a huge contract AND we knew he was holding out to see what Manny Machado was able to get. It, of course, is a good business decision to wait and see what the market has to offer but its also the most Bryce Harper move out there. Let’s not forget he’s been the golden boy of baseball since his early teens… a bit of a LeBron James of baseball (not even close though).


It only makes sense that he would expecttt the largest contract, it was really just a matter of when someone would cave. With Manny going for 10 years $300 million, Nolan Arenado going for 8 years $260 million and Bryce getting his 13 year $330 million… I think it’s safe to say that there is a new pay standard for stars in major league baseball.