Nets Stealing Biggie’s ‘Coogie’ Look?

Although the Brooklyn Nets sit in 7th place in the east and are making the playoffs finally; they could have a bit of trouble coming their way. Well, the Nets, NBA and Nike.

Clothing Brand “Coogi” is suing the Brooklyn Nets organization, Nike and the NBA for copywriter infringment over a new jersey the team debuted this year. The jersey is predominately black with, what they call, “Brooklyn Camo” on the collar and sleeve end. The problem with this is the design is pretty blatantly stolen from the clothing company, who is known for very interesting and eye confusing patterns.








While alive, Notorious BIG not only wore Coogi sweaters but rapped about the brand on many different occasions/records. The team does admit they purposely based the jersey design on Biggie… not a stretch considering he is/was and will be the king of Brooklyn.

Now, even if the design isn’t exact, there is some damning evidence against the 3. The lawsuit states that the defendants (NBA, Nets, Nike) purchased advertising on google for “Coogi Brooklyn nets” and “Brooklyn Coogi.” The clothing brand claims this is to direct people to Nike. The lawsuit was filed last Thursday, in a federal court in Manhattan.

But seeing tweets like this one over the past week… I’m left wondering if Nike didn’t actually do Coogi a favor. They’ll probably come to some settlement where Nike pays Coogi a lot of money (not to them) and Coogi just got an insane amount of publicity for the first time in who knows how long.

Coogi is a New York based company, Nike has a headquarters in New York , the NBA is based in New York, the Nets are in New York and of course Notorious BIG is as well. Although I doubt it…this could be quite the east coast show down.

Below is a map of some of Biggies favorites spots in Brooklyn along with the headquarters of those involved in the lawsuit.